Sweet & Friendly Erythritol

    Sweet & Friendly Erythritol is 100% American made and where other sweeteners need to go through a chemical process to be made, we are extremely happy to be chemical free and use decades old process of fermentation to produce our erythritol. This is the same process you would see in the making of yogurt and other naturally fermented products.

    Product Applications


    Applications: Carbonated soft drinks; Dairy and soy drinks; Energy drinks; Frozen beverages; Functional and flavored water; Juice; Powdered beverages; RTD Coffee; RTD Tea; Smoothies; Sports Drinks


    • Clean, sugar-like taste
    • Works well with high intensity sweeteners
    • Enhanced body and mouthfeel
    • Optimal freezing point depression
    • Excellent heat and acidity characteristics
    • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels

    Applications: Mints, Candies, Lollipops, Gums, Ice Chips


    • Clean, sugar-like taste
    • Fine crystal structure
    • Non-hygroscopic
    • Attractive cooling effect
    • Moisture management
    • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels

    Chewing gum coatings

    • Cost-effective combination of erythritol/sorbitol (ratio 40/60) for improved crunchy coating with better adhesion to center in comparison to xylitol
    • Combines erythritol/maltitol (ratio 40/60) for improved crunchiness and lowest moisture pickup

    Chewing gum sticks and center

    • Partial substitution of sorbitol with erythritol improves chewing gum processability, texture (flexibility) and shelf life

    Mint chewing gum

    • Provides an enhanced and long-lasting cooling effect

    Hard candies

    • Has a high cooling effect as a sherbet filling in stamped hard candies, or in double or triple layered hard candies when used in its crystalline form


    • The only polyol sweetener that allows a >30% calorie reduction in chocolate
    • Presents an excellent gloss, good snap and melting properties, and pleasant cooling effect (particularly for mint-flavored chocolate products)
    • The cooling effect can be masked by using mixtures with inulin, isomalt or maltitol
    • Higher conching temperatures are possible, resulting in enhanced flavor development
    • Tooth-friendly milk chocolate can be made with normal lactose-containing milk powder
    Oral Care

    Applications: Oral rinses; Toothpaste


    • Clinically shown to reduce plaque and the risk of dental caries better than other polyols
    • Well tolerated (highest digestive tolerance of all polyols)
    • Certified “toothfriendly” by Toothfriendly International
    • Attractive cooling effect
    • Works well with other polyols and high intensity sweeteners
    • Sugar-like taste

    Supports Dental Health

    Dental caries is a disease caused by oral bacteria that converts carbohydrates into organic acids and dental plaque, resulting in damage to the teeth. Unlike sugar, Sweet & Friendly Co. erythritol is not fermented by oral bacteria, and therefore does not promote dental caries.

    In oral care applications, erythritol acts as a salivary stimulant and provides masking properties for astringent and bitter tastes. It also has demonstrated non-cariogenic properties.


    Applications: Granulated powders; Lozenges; Syrups


    • Inert excipient; excellent carrier in capsules
    • Excellent flowability and stability in powders
    • Attractive cooling effect

    Sugar Free Lozenges

    • Easy crystallization
    • Hard, crunchy texture
    • Shorter drying time (higher output, lower energy cost)
    • Excellent shelf life (non-hygroscopic)
    • Quality similar to traditional sugar-based lozenges

    Applications: Bakery products; Dairy products; Frozen desserts; Ice cream; Pudding; Sorbet; Smoothies; Yogurt


    • Sugar-like taste in combination with intense sweetener
    • Excellent heat and acid stability
    • Improved shelf life
    • Great water activity management
    • Enhanced bulk and body
    • Optimal freezing point depression
    • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels

    Improves Quality

    When compared to sucrose in baking, Sweet & Friendly Co. erythritol exhibits different melting behavior, a more compact dough, fewer color formations, better moisture control and softer baked products.

    In addition, the use of erythritol as a bulking agent can support sugar replacement strategies and allow for lower calorie profiles in many dairy products and frozen desserts.

    Tabletop Sweetener

    Applications: Spoonable sweeteners; cubed sweeteners


    • Sugar-like taste and texture when used in combination with intense sweeteners\
    • Enhanced taste profile
    • Fewer calories
    • Non-hygroscopicity
    • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels

    Functionality Benefits

    • Acid resistance
    • High glass transition temp
    • High heat resistance
    • High crystallization speed
    • Low hygroscopicity
    • Satisfying mouthfeel
    • Viscosity control
    • Body enhancement (bulk)
    • Flavor enhancement
    • High cooling effect
    • Preservative benefits
    • Osmolarity effect
    • Texture enhancement
    • Adds smoothness and body
    • Masks off-flavors
    • High digestive tolerance
    • No aftertaste
    • Odorless
    • Clean, sugar-like taste

    Sweet & Friendly Co. Erythritol Technical Details

    Production Process
    Erythritol is the first polyol to be industrially manufactured by a fermentation process. The starting material is a simple sugar-rich substrate that is fermented using conventional yeast to yield erythritol. The product is then crystalized to 99.5% purity from the filtered and concentrated fermentation broth.

    Molecular Structure
    Sweet & Friendly Co. erythritol is a low molecular weight polyol, comprised of four carbon atoms. It appears as a white crystalline, odorless product that rapidly dissolves in water (up to 60 g/100 ml at 30┬░C) to produce a brilliantly clear, low viscosity, colorless solution.

    FDA defines reduction as 25% or greater.
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